EPS TOPIK Korea Sample Question Paper & Model Questions

EPS TOPIK Korea Sample Question Paper.

EPS TOPIK Korea Sample Question Paper & Model Questions

EPS TOPIK Korea Sample Question Paper & Model Questions, all things you need know are available here. There are a lot of queries in online about the model questions fo EPS KLT exam, the pass criteria and other conditions that everyone need to know before applying to EPS TOPIK.

The pass criteria for the EPS candidates is they should score 80 points out of 200 full marks. The rank of the candidates will be according to the highest scores between candidates.

EPS TOPIK Korea Sample Question Paper.

Eligibility for EPS TOPIK exam:

Before giving the EPS TOPIK exams you should know whether you are eligible or not to apply for EPS-KLT. Here we are providing you the criteria for checking  you eligibility by yourself.

  1. Your age should be between 18 and 39 years.
  2. You should pass the police report of your country where you should be with no criminal record and should not be in the cases of serious offence which are punishable by imprisonment.
  3. You should also do not have the past records of deportation or departure under the departure order from Republic of Korea.
  4. You should be free from being banned in your own country to travel.
  5. Your reports and eligibility are calculated by both the countries and finally are given chance to sit for exams.

    Things you need to know about EPS TOPIK:

  1. The specific schedule and details about the exams are announced before the exam is held. The valid numbers of candidates are chose by two countries.
  2. There are 25 questions in listening, and same 25 number of questions is reading. The exam total time i s70 minutes.
  3. The pass criteria of the candidate is they should cross 80 points in full marks of 200 to pass the exam. The rank of the candidates is specified with their number obtained in exam.
  4. Your marks and certificate of the EPS TOPIK KLT are valid for 2 years from the announcement date of Test result.

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