Domestic Airlines Companies In Nepal

Domestic Airlines Companies In Nepal

Domestic Airlines Companies In Nepal

Domestic Airlines Companies In Nepal is one of the things that makes people curious about. Nepal Airlines corporation is the parent company of Government of Nepal and it is known as the flag carrier airline of Nepal. In 1958 July 8, Nepal’s first airlines was established as the name of Royal Nepal Airlines corporation (RNAC) to provide air service to the people and different organization and the first aircraft which is used to serve Domestic and handful routes in India is Douglas DC-3. The main Building of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is located in Kantipath, Kathmandu and its main base is Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu. Nepal Airlines corporation took off 8 international destinations and 25 domestic destination. Nepal airline corporation is under Saugat Ratna Kansakar who is the managing director of the corporation and Mr. Sankar Prashad Adhikari who is the Chairman of the corporation.. Nepal Airline Corporation has 2500 employees. Nepal Airlines Corporation is only one Government Corporation who has provide large number of employment opportunity and earn large amount of foreign currency. In 1988-1989 Nepal Airlines Corporation has earn profit of $17 million.

Here are the complete list of Domestic Airlines Companies In Nepal:

1.    Buddha air
2.    Yeti Airlines
3.    Tara Air
4.    Simrik Airlines
5.    Sita air
6.    Makalu air
7.    Manang air
8.    Goma air
9.    Saurya Airlines
10.    Shree Airlines
11.    Fishtail Airlines
12.    Mountain Helicopters Nepal

Recently , Nepal Airlines Corporation has been ranked as worst airlines in the world because of political interference, corruption and mismanagement. Nepal Airline corporation has got only two star rating which signifies poorer or inconsistent standards of products.