Dhurmus Suntali Foundation : How To Donate ?

Dhurmus Suntali Foundaiton : How To Donate ?

Dhurmus Suntali Foundation : How To Donate?

Dhurmus Suntali are the famous actor and actress of Nepal. They are the comedian who are most loved in Nepal. They can be termed as the priceless gems of Nepali comedy Industry. They are now active in contributing towards the social work. They are actively involved in the Dhurmus Suntali foundation which is their own. They are currently active in the earthuake prone areas and building homes for the homeless in that area. They are also actively involved in the cleanliness program all over the Nepal. Even they are also cleanliness ambassador of Nepal Government.

Dhurmus Suntali Foundaiton : How To Donate ?

Dhurmush Suntali Foundation has just completed and handover the Granchaur residental village to the earthquake affected people of that area. The foundation is also just completed the village in the Musahar basti in Terai. Musahar are the people who are termed as the low cast and are ignored much by they society.

There is a very touching story besides the work of Dhurmus Suntali foundaiton. After the devastating earthquake in 20172 in Nepal, both Dhurmus and Suntali i.e Sitaram Kattela and Kunjana Ghimire are actively involved in the social works in the earthquake affected areas. You should be surprised that both the Dhurmus and Suntali are husband and wife. They also build the Nepal’s first model village which they later granted to the earthquake affected people. They distributed the relief materials to the people of Musahar people in Bardibas, Terai.

These days Dhurmush Suntali foundation is one of the most admired organization of Nepal. They are getting much funds form the Nepalese people living in Nepal and Abroad.
If any one want to help the Dhurmus Suntali foundation here is the detail about how you can donate financially and help in another ways.

For Bank Deposite

Bank Name : Bank Of Kathmandu Lumbini Branch

Address : Baneshwor

A/C Name : Dhurmus Suntali Foundation

A/C Number : 016800100370524

Swift Code : BOKLNPKA

For Remitance Receiver Name : Kunjana Ghimire Address : Lalitpur Phone Number : 9803472476 Or Any Problem Or Queries to contact us : 9803472476, 9841229912