Chromebook Pixel Specifications & Features

Chromebook Pixel Specifications & Features

Chromebook Pixel Specifications & Features

Google is launching the most anticipated laptop, Chromebook Pixel. The launch date will be early 2018. Today we will be talking about the Chromebook Pixel Specifications & Features in this section.
The display of the Chromebook Pixel is 12.85-inch high resolution with IPS (2560 x 1700, at 239 PPI) 400 nit and 3:2 aspect ratio. The CPU processor is Intel CORE i5 Ivy Bridge with Panther Point PCH .

As far as the memory are concerned, it has 4 GB DDR3 RAM with 1TB Google Drive cloud storage and 32 GB solid state drive.

To talk about the battery the phone is integrated with 59Wh battery. The expected use time of the laptop is around 5 hours.

The laptop can be connected to the networks with the help of Dual-Band WiFi (802.11abgn) and integrated antennas. Also it can be connected to devices and networks via Bluetooth® compatible.

The external ports present are SD/multi card reader, Mini-Display Port, Combined headphone/microphone jack and Two USB 2.0 ports.

The other features involved are full color power state indicator, integrated 720p HD camera, backlit chrome keyboard, fully clickable etched glass trackpad ,integrated stereo speakers and two built-in microphones for noise cancellation.

Here is the detail about Chromebook Pixel Specifications & Features.

All the specification sources are taken from Google. 

Display 12.85-inch high resolution IPS (2560 x 1700, at 239 PPI) 400 nit, 3:2 aspect ratio
CPU/Processor Intel CORE i5 Ivy Bridge with Panther Point PCH
Memory 4GB DDR3 RAM
Storage 1TB Google Drive cloud storage* and 32GB solid state drive
Battery Integrated 59Wh battery, expected use time 5 hours**
  • Dual-Band WiFi (802.11abgn) and integrated antennas
  • Bluetooth® compatible
External ports
  • SD/multi card reader
  • Mini-DisplayPort
  • Combination headphone/microphone jack
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
Other features
  • Full color power state indicator
  • Integrated 720p HD camera
  • Backlit Chrome keyboard
  • Fully clickable etched glass trackpad
  • Integrated stereo speakers
  • Two built-in microphones for noise cancellation