Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price Chandragiri Hills Nepal

Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price

Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price

Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price is mentioned below. Chandragiri Hill is the hotspot nowadays for the people of Nepal. It is the most visited and  is a internal tourist area these days. People who are free or who are in vacation for a day or some hours can visit Chandragiri Hills. Cable car is the main attraction of the Chadragiri Hill. Chandragiri Cable car was constructed by Chandragiri Hills Pvt Ltd in 2015 and was opened for public in 2016. Chandragiri Hills Ltd company also owns and operates the resturants, resorts, multipurpose halls and branded shops along with Cable car in that area.

Chandragiri Hills is about 7 kilometers of distance of road from Thankot. It lies in south-west of Kathmandu valley. Cable car journey to Chandragiri is 2.5 kilometers long. It takes about 9-12 minutes to reach Chadragiri from Thankot. Cabel car opens from from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays, and 7:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekends and public holidays.

Conditions For Children:

Children below 11 years of age will be allowed to travel in cable under the guidance of parents . Children above 15 years of age are allowed to travel in cable car. Children below 3ft height can travel free of charge and children between 3-11 years have special discounts as well.

Maximum 8 passengers can travel at once in cable car.  Physically disabled or wheel chair users can also use cable car and there will be operators who will assist the wheelchair bound passengers.

You can buy tickets in the door of Chandragiri cable car station if you want to buy tickets or book tickets  you can do it from:  IME Centers, IME Travels, Bhatbhateni. You can book tickets online, phone calls, internet or walk-in.

Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price:

Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price