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Bungee Jump in Pokhara

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is the hot and happening adventure in Nepal these days. There are various bungee jumping destinations which are much adventurous than in the other parts of world.  Many tourists might have some confusion regarding the bungee jumping in pokhara price, zip flyer pokhara price, height of bungee in Pokhara and Bhotekoshi. We are here to provide all information regarding Bungee in Nepal. Pokhara is also recently popular due to adding paragliding in Pokhara which is also one of the loved adventure in the world.  The water touch feature in Bungee has added another good flavor in the Bungee of Pokhara.

Basic Information:

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is the second most biggest bungee of Nepal. It has broken the monopoly of the Last Resort Bungee jumping. Price of Bungee Jump in Pokhara is around  Nrs 3000 to 4000 for Nepalese and around 65oo Nepalese rupee for foreigner. It is just a round off and rough figure though  the official price has not been yet disclosed.

Bungee of Pokhara is the first ever tower Bungee of Nepal. The height , length of swing has been very popular for normal people. It is located at the distance of 20 minutes from Pokhara Lakeside.  We can enjoy the splendid view of the white Himalayas and different mountains from the Bungee site. So for a very divine and mind refreshing environment Bungee of Pokhara is a must visit place in Nepal.

Along with Bungee, Pokhara is famous for Paragliding, Parahwaing, Zip-Flyer, Ultra Flight which are in operation at the international level. Other than these adventure we can enjoy hiking, Trekking, Pony Trek, Stand up Paddle and much more in Pokhara. So Pokhara is a must visit for every human during their life time.


Hemja, Near Tibetan Camp, Pokhara.
Hight: 80 meters / 50m & 32m Cliff Steel Tower
Service Available: Every Day


Rs 3,490/-Per One Nepali Citizen
Rs 6,490/- Per One Foreigner Citizen