Britney Spears is not dead Sony Music’s Twitter account hacked

Britney Spears is not dead Sony Music’s Twitter account was just hacked

Britney Spears is not dead Sony Music’s Twitter account was just hacked

Few days ago a rumor regarding pop star Britney Spears that she is dead. The news became so viral because it came from the twitter handle of popular Sony Music. It is obvious that everyone will believe the news after it came from such a trusted source. But the real fact is that Britney Spears is not dead. The fact about the news is that the twitter handle of Sony Music was hacked. One of the Sony Music’s twitter accounts was hacked over the holiday weekend which spread the hoax news regarding the pop star Britney.

The news came from Sony Music Global in the title of Britney Spears dead due to accident. The hash tag #RIPBritney was given to the tweet. After the news spread so badly the singer’s rep Adam Leber told CNN that Britney is “fine and well”.

Sony Music also later said in a statement that Twitter account was out of their control and it is now under their control. Sony Music also apologized to Britney Spears and her fans.

There had been various such activities in past as well. The Facebook account of CEO Mark Zukerberg’s account was hacked in the start of this year. The account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was also hacked.

Our Mine is known for high-profile attacks such as the hack of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts earlier this year, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s own Twitter account.


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