APS Scholarship Scheme Embassy Of India Nepal

AYUSH Scholarship Scheme Embassy Of India Nepal

APS Scholarship Scheme Embassy Of India Nepal

APS scholarship Scheme is the scholarship scheme which is provided from Embassy of India for the School level courses. The school level courses normally starts from Class VI to IX and XI. This scholarship is for the admission for both boys and girls in Army Public Schools. The VI to IX and XI will be provided from  Army Public School Pithoragarh which is located in Uttarakhand. The Class VI to IX for boys only is for Army Public School Dhaua Kaun (Delhi) and class VI to IX only for girls is for APS Noida which is located in Utter Pradesh. The total amounts of seats available are 20 for Class VI, 5 for Class XI. There will be provided one seat each for Class VI to IX which is for boys only in Dhaula Kaun and one seat fro Class VI to IX for girls only in Noida.

The eligibility criteria for the students for APS Scholarship Scheme are as follows:

  1. Students should get 60% for the government schools and 70 % marks for private schools. For the class from class VI and on wards, the students should pass the entrance examination before applying.
  2. Students should have good proficiency in English in both writing and speaking.
  3. Students should have good enough health to join APS.
  4. There is also an age criteria for APS Scholarship Scheme that are as follows:

Class VI:    10 years, Class VII:    11 years, Class VIII:   12 years, Class IX:  13 years, Class XI: 15 years

The APS Scholarship scheme is normally opens in January/February every year. You can find notices in the local news papers or official site of Indian Embassy In Nepal which is (www.indianembassy.org.np).