Apply Dubai Work Permit Visa How To Apply


Apply Dubai Work Permit Visa How To Apply

Apply Dubai Work Permit Visa How To Apply all the information is available here. Any international person or a foreign person need to have a residency visa to work and live in Dubai. The residency visa provides all the right for the person to get work permit which is issued by Ministry of Labor.

Since there are a lot of works opportunity in Dubai many people are living taking the residency visa. After getting the Residency visa one do not have to worry about the possible problems in living in Dubai. No one can stop or harm us if we have residency certificate. The employer should apply for the process of visa and apply to the relevand departments. The costs required during these processes should all be paid by the employee.

It is must to apply for residence visa before applying fo the work permit. So we are providing you documents required for applying for a residence visa of Dubai. The residence visa is vaild for about three months.

Here are the details about documents required for residency visa:

  1. An application form
  2. Several passport-size photographs and auto size.
  3. Original passport with a photocopy of it.
  4. Copy of a valid company card
  5. Valid commercial license of the company
  6. Application fee
  7. Valid and recent health certificate
  8. Entry permit by the Ministry of Labor
  9. A residence visa is not the a labor card, but the employee should apply for it.

All the Documents required for Work Permit In Dubai are discussed as follows:

  1. Pass port size photographs and few auto size.
  2. Residency Visa
  3. Valid Passport the validity of the passport should be of minimum six month.
  4. Official health certificate of recent.
  5. Three copies of the employment contract – these are to be submitted to the employer, one own and other to Ministry of Labor.
  6. Education certificates and other professional qualifications with documents.
  7.  Valid trade license of the company on the behalf of sponsoring company’s