Apple To Upgrade Old iPad To An iPad Air 2 For Free

Apple To Upgrade Old iPad To An iPad Air 2 For Free

Apple To Upgrade Old iPad To An iPad Air 2 For Free

Apple To Upgrade Old iPad To An iPad Air 2 For Free everything you need to know about your fourth generation iPad upgrade. If you have a old/ fourth generation Apple iPad with you and you are in the plan to upgrade iPad then there is a good news for you. Apple is offering the fourth generation iPad users for free upgrade of their device from any apple stores. Apple has announced that they will provide free iPad Air 2 upgrade if they are in the need to repair their devices.

The not so good news for all the iPad users that their device should be in the state of full damaged. The partial and minor damaged iPad will not be considered. The upgrade for iPad Air 2 is available in all the Apple stores and authorized service providers.

Apple might have offered this since there is not much use of iPad Air 2 and they might wanted to increase the use of their discontinued device in 2014.
The news that came in the official website of Apple reads, “Starting March 30th, iPad 4th generation whole unit repairs may be substituted to iPad Air 2.” The article includes that the Apple staff should inform customers before the upgrade that what color and storage capacity will they receive after the upgrade.

The customers might get the storage capacity upgrade with more powerful internal configurations.
Apple has a good support to the users that they will help the users after the 5 years of their discontinuations as well. Since the fourth generation iPad was discontinued long ago and there is no any repairs and parts available for them, Apple considered to upgrade the devices to iPad Air 2.
There are certain criteria for the eligibility of the iPad upgrade. The upgrades of the devices also vary in the specific regions according to the stocks available.
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