Apple Mirror! Is This The New Product Of Apple?

Apple Mirror

Apple Mirror ! A future product of Apple?

At first, the new Apple Mirror looks like a normal mirror in our house. We get to know it is something different after we touch the mirror.


When we touch the screen it looks like a huge iPhone in the wall. It is designed with iOS 10. Its is almost functional as iPad. It has Uber, Netfix and Facebook Messanger installed on it. It also has video player and audio players in it. It gives weather details on the screen along with clock and tab icons.  All apps icon can be moved and placed anywhere in the mirror. The mirror goes to sleep after 45 seconds of inactivity and it will look like ordinary mirror in that state. We should touch anywhere in the mirror to activate it. It also have thermostat, light bulbs, speakers and many more.

Reality is somehow different:

Hold on it is not a brand new or next Apple product. It is just a project done by a electronic engineer. It is said that it is his project for educational purpose and experimental purpose.

Creator Disclaimer:

The creator has also given Disclaimer. In disclaimer he says that copyrights used in the project belong to their respective owners. He has given credit to Apple for iOS 10 used in it. He also clears that it is just a personal project and it will not be used for commercial reasons. He added that he admire Apple’s vision for the modern technology and he has full support to the Apple products and visions.

Lets have a look at some pictorial glimpse of the mirror.