Amazing Facts United Arab Emirates You May Not Know


Amazing Facts United Arab Emirates You May Not Know

Amazing Facts United Arab Emirates You May Not Know all the information is available here. United Arab Emirates is one of the biggest wonder and richest country. Many countries are inspired the progress of United Arab Emirates. It is the inspiration of the economical development to the world. Every year many peoples visit UAE to look its beauty and progress. The large buildings and the modernization are the main attraction of United Arab Emirates. It is normal that people want to know the life style and general information about UAE. People are always curious about the facts about UAE history, facts about UAE Flag, other strange facts about Dubai and many more information.

Today we are presenting you the Top 10  amazing facts about United Arab Emirates.

Underwater Suites: There are two Suites in UAE in the palm Islands which costs over $8,000 per night to stay one night.
High Rise Tennis Court: United Arab Emirates have the world’s highest tennis court in “Burj Al Arab” which is also the world’s top four tallest hotel in the world.
Palm Islands: The biggest and most beautiful man made island is Palm Islands. It has almost 4,000 villas and apartments.

Wild animals as Pets: People own the wild animals like Cheetah, Leopards, Tigers and Lions in Dubai. They believe it shows their economic status.

Express Police Cars: Dubai police have the most expensive cars in the world. They have Lamborghini, Aston Martin , Bentley, Ferrari and other expensive and innovative brands of cars and vehicles to help police.

ATM of Gold: Normally people put cards and money comes out of the ATM but in Dubai there are Gold ATM where people put cards and Gold comes out of the machine.

Largest Mall in the World: Burj Khalifa is the largest mall in the world. Burj Khalifa is also among the one of the world’s largest buildings in the world. Burj Khalifa also have world’s first 7 star hotel.

Most Expensive Fountain: The most expensive Fountain is also located besides of Burj Khalifa. It is also called the Burj Khalifa lake. It was designed by designer of California.