6 Different types of computer viruses

6 Different types of computer viruses

6 Different types of computer viruses

What is Computer Virus?

Computer Virus is a kind of program that destroys the functioning power of computer smoothly. Viruses have many purposes- some are designed to play annoying tricks whereas others have destructive intents.

When Computer virus enters into the computer it slows down the program, speed of computer, shows unusual error messeges on the screen. Some viruses may destroy the exixting files as well.

6 Different types of Computer viruses.

  1. Trojan Horse:

Trojan Horse is a type of computer virus that neither replicates nor copies itself, but can damage the security of the computer. Such types of viruses may arrive in the form of a joke program or software of some sort.

  1. Worms:-

Worm is a type of virus that facilitates the distribution of copies of itself or by copying itself using mail or another transport mechanism.

  1. Boot Sector Virus.

These type of virus is spread by floppy disks.

  1. Macro Virus.

Those viruses that use other’s application’s macro programming language to distribute themselves. Such type of viruses affects MS Word or MS Excel.

  1. Memory Resident Virus

These types of virus are which resides in computers volatile memory (RAM) and they stay in memory after its initiating program closes.

  1. Polymorphic Virus.

These viruses not only replicates itself by creating multiple files itself, but it also changes its digital signature every time it replicates.

There are even more virus which affects the computer such as:-

Multipartite Viruses

Direct Action Viruses

Overwrite Viruses

Directory Virus

Encrypted Viruses

Companion Viruses