20 things not to do with Husband or Boyfriend

20 things not to do with Husband or Boyfriend

20 things not to do with Husband or Boyfriend

20 things not to do with Husband or Boyfriend all the details are available here. Marriage is the beautiful thing and relation. The best part about marriage can be takes as the comfort level you get with the life partner. Life partner is the only one who knows us both inside and outside. Even though the relationships between husband and wife is priceless there are certain things that creates misunderstanding between two. After successful married life for several years we have seen some bad relationships going on in nearby families.

To avoid these misunderstandings husband and wife both have to compromise in certain things. Today we are lightening the part that wife have to compromise to make her husband happy. We will certainly bring the things husband shouldn’t do in front of wife to make wife happy in up coming posts. Here are the list of things that wife should not do to her husbands for better married life.

Never do these things with your husband or boyfriend to bring intimacy in the relationships. a

1. Never speak loudly with him after he comes home tired.

2. Never share weakness of your boyfriend of husband with others.

3. Talk with him understanding his mood as well.

4. Never show comparison with other men in society.

5. Never discourage his hobbies.

6. You should think husband is also like you and husband married you to live with you.

7. Never watch your husbands activities and let other watch his outer activities.

8. If your husband do not earn much do not scold him rather give him the creative ideas.

9. Take care of bed and room of your husband.

10. Never ignore his feelings you should be any time ready to have good and romantic relations with husband.

11. Never leave a chance to Hug him.

12. Never ignore his thoughts let your husband give his opinion as well.

13. Do not embrace and scold your boyfriend or husband in front of your child.

14. Take care of dress of boyfriend.

15. Never let your friend to know about bad aspects of your husband.

16. Never be possessive and let your husband to spend free time in home by letting him what ever he wants to do.

17. Do not give much priority to money than your love.

18. Never ignore him and give him much time as much as possible.

1 9. Never do comparison between his and your works.

20. Do not do a mistake to compare your boyfriend with your former boyfriends.