‪‪Tesla Motors‬ v ‪Faraday Future‬‬

‪‪Tesla Motors‬ v ‪Faraday Future‬‬

‪‪Tesla Motors‬ v ‪Faraday Future‬‬: Faraday Future Prototype Beats Another Tesla Motors Car in a Drag Race

‪‪Tesla Motors‬ v ‪Faraday Future‬‬ few comparisons is available here.

The electric car of Faraday Future is yet to come in the market. The company has already made some huge claims just before the release of the car. Recently there was a video circulation from a startup electric car maker which showed a electric car racing. Which showed the prototype of them beating Tesla Motors Inc Model X, Ferrari 488 GTB and Bentley Bentayga in a drag race.

The reports suggest that Electrek, the model X SUV was the car to beat the drag race. The model S of them also made a good performance in the drag race.  According to the company Model S achieves the 0-6 mph acceleration in 2.5 seconds when the Ludicrous mode is turned in and the charge in the car is full.

The short video clip which is 20 seconds has shown their prototype beat the Model S by 0.1 second. It was the comparison of the speed. Yet Model S is far better in performance an power. The video also claimed that the there is more torque to come to the car. Which directly indicates that the acceleration of the car will be higher and will be increased again.


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