‪‪Mozilla Firefox‬ ‪Windows XP‬ ‪Windows Vista‬‬ Information

‪‪Mozilla Firefox‬ ‪Windows XP‬ ‪Windows Vista‬‬ Information

‪‪Mozilla Firefox‬ ‪Windows XP‬ ‪Windows Vista‬‬ Information

‪‪Mozilla Firefox‬ ‪Windows XP‬ ‪Windows Vista‬‬ Information is availbale here.

Almost many of the web browsers are already ignoring Windows XP and Vista and have already stopped supporting Windows XP and Vista.  But Firefox supports all the versions of Windows. Mozilla’s latest update can be used in the 10 years old personal computer. But it will not work from now. Mozilla Firefox will not support for XP and Vista from the start of new year 2017. Mozilla will restrict the users of old PC to use new update. The company is planning ot unveil a final support end date in the middle of the year 2017 and will fully cut the support in old Personal computers from September. By September it will stop delivering security updates.

It is not that any Firefox will stop working on XP but the new updates will not work and the security flaws are had to avoid without latest feature of the Firefox. We will be at the high risk for the new types of viruses attacks and vulnerable exploits. The fact is that also there are not much people left who use 10 years old Personal computers till now. So it is likely that only few people will suffer.

However it will be difficult for you if you are stuck with the older version of Windows and have no plan to upgrade to newer versions of Windows.

Next year can be a big deal for the new internet experiences for the internet fanatics.


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