‪‪Final Fantasy XIV Information Features Price

‪‪Final Fantasy XIV Information Features Price

‪‪Final Fantasy XIV Information Features Price

‪‪Final Fantasy XIV Information Features Price can be studied here.

Final Fantasy XIV is a huge multiplayer online role playing for the MS windows Personal Computers. It is developed and published by Square Enix in 2010. The XIV is the 14th entry in the main final fantasy seris and second MMORPG in the series after Final Fantasy XI.

The game was first developed in 2005 with the name of “Rapture” and was made available for Windows and PlayStation 3 video game in 2009. The Final Fantasy XIV is not available in the Xbox 360 consoles after the disagreements with the Microsoft about the use of Xbox Live. It is reported that Final Fantasy XIV consists of more modified and innovation then in all previous versions.

The price list of Final Fantasy XIV is available as follows:

PlayStation®3 Package – $29.99 / Digital Download – $49.99

PlayStation®4 Package – $29.99 / Digital Download – $29.99

Windows® Package – $29.99 / Digital Download – $29.99

Mac OS Digital Download – $29.99 / Digital download only.

Customers will be granted 30 days of play time after they have purchased the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online bundle . If one wish to continue playing after this period, then one must subscribe to the game.
System Requirements for Final Fantasy XIV are as follows: PlayStation®4 PlayStation®3 Windows® Mac OS


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