‪‪Double Dragon‬ ‪PlayStation 4‬‬ Information 2017

‪‪Double Dragon‬ ‪PlayStation 4‬‬ Information 2017

‪‪Double Dragon‬ ‪PlayStation 4‬‬ Information 2017

‪‪Double Dragon‬ ‪PlayStation 4‬‬ Information 2017 is available here.

The Double Dragon was first developed by 1987 and was the the video game developed by Technos Japan. It is distributed all over world by Taito. Taito is specially operating in North America and Europe.

Here is the detail about the birth, series, developer about Double Dragon:

Released date: June 1987
Series: Double Dragon
Designer: Yoshihisa Kishimoto
Producing Platforms Genre: Nintendo Entertainment System, Arcade game
Developers of Double Dragon : Technōs Japan, Arc System Works, Mastertronic, Software Creations, Razorworks, Binary Design
Publishers Companies all over the world : Taito Corporation, Sega, Virgin Group, Tradewest

The Double Dragon is about two brothers fight evil who fight to rescue Marian who has been kidnapped from dangerous groups. It is considered as the master piece of arcade games for PS4 system. Players also are able to share the screen and video with the share feature. Players also can play worldwide with online ranking.

Additional hardware of high configuration is required for Remote Play.

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